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Publications, Reports, and
Data Visualizations

Publications, Reports, and Data Visualizations

This page is dedicated to providing publications, reports, and data visualizations for campus-wide efforts and Planning, Research, and Organizational Development (PROD).

Program Scheduling Tools

This dashboard contains multiple sheets to help deans and department chairs to develop and manage the instructional schedule.  It is based on historical trends and the information in the current schedule. It can be used to view FTES and FTEF data by instructional area. Data can be filtered and viewed several ways, including term, department or subject area, GE course type, location, and time of day. Additional tabs provide past and present comparison data at the course level for scheduling assistance. It can be used to find out which sections in the current or upcoming term have severely low enrollment or that are completely filled. This data automatically updates.

Course Completion: Student Equity

This dashboard displays college-wide course success data by all of the populations monitored in the Student Equity plan. Data may be filtered to show department, modality, course transfer status, vocational status, and / or basic skills status. A percentage point gap view displays each subgroup's difference from the average and where inequitable outcomes may exist.

Placement Dashboard

This dashboard provides information about placements in Math and English for the college and by feeder high school. In Fall 2017 the college refined its placement processes to put more emphasis on high school grades and course-taking patterns. This dashboard only shows students that were required to take the assessment test based on their educational goal. The identification of the last high school attended is based on information provided by the student on their application.

Unit Planning Dashboard

This dashboard provides academic programs with data about student achievement, enrollment patterns, student demographics, and financial performance to be used during unit planning.  This data is based on the program review data templates which were designed to provide the data available in Colleague to support program review.   This dashboard is currently in draft form and PROD is seeking feedback to make it as useful as possible for departments.  Please provide any recommendations for improvement to Brian Murphy (